Cedrus Consulting is driven by the desire to provide real-world, state-of-the-art, creative and innovative technological solutions that clients can readily understand and apply.  

We understand the demands of today’s global economy and the need to adopt, in partnership with world-class industry leaders, a diversified approach that provide clients with an integrated portfolio of business consultancy. We are familiar with the nature and structure of the local economies and the concepts and practices that businesses must accept in order to participate in the mainstream economy and remain abreast with the rapid pace of advancement.

We are committed to providing clients with a roadmap that puts them on the path of solid growth and expansion.  We do this by embracing new technologies, developing broadly strategic partnerships and remaining steadfast to the principle of achieving greatest client satisfaction. Our commitment is predicated on maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism when dealing with clients, prospects, contractors, suppliers and employees.

We have developed competencies over a wide and variable range of businesses.  These include:  High Technology (ISP & Telecommunications); Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, franchising & catering); Public Sector (cleaning & facilities maintenance); Energy (generation, distribution, transmission, smart solutions, water infrastructure, water waste management, butane & substance); Transportation (aviation and railways); Defense and Security (specialized training and equipment).

Cedrus Consulting core businesses include: Business Development Strategy & Planning; Strategic & Business Planning; Business Intelligence; Sales & Marketing Strategy & Planning; Government Liaisons Strategy; Health & Safety Systems & Audits; Market Development & Open Innovation, Management/Business Restructuring and Relocation; Leadership & Teamwork Development; Trade Development Planning; Economic Development Planning; and Corporate Reorganization.

Cedrus Consulting assists clients in formulating their business development strategy. These Include :

Cedrus Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL, based in Munich, Germany, promotes and supports the German & European business community in gaining market entry into the MENA region by leveraging its expert knowledge, competencies and network of contacts.  The object is to become the local partner of choice for German and European enterprises.
The strategic value of Cedrus Deutschland GmbH to the Cedrus Group is made evident, by a partial cross over representation between Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL and Cedrus Deutschland GmbH board. Thus, superior trans-national and trans-regional solutions can be developed for the Group and its partners.
Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL has a well established reputation within the MENA-region as a competence center for successfully spearheading, designing and implementing project. It owes its success to the application of highly innovative, creative, high-tech solutions in cooperation with internationally recognized, “best in class” competence partners. Contracts are mainly mandated to Cedrus Group and its companies by the respective local governments of our target markets in which we operate.
Special care is taken to ensure that the implementation of any venture is done to world-class standards in order that it may serve as a show-case for further international market developments to all local and international partners involved. Often Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL supports such ventures through own investments and/or by bringing financing options to the table.
Our long-standing local presence has given us an in-depth understanding of the MENA region that few are able to match. This combined with our ability to arrange financing and a profound understanding of occidental – oriental management challenges make us highly qualified to serve as local partner and advisor. It is a critical component that serves as the cornerstone of our unique “think-do-invest” approach.
Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL selects its industry focus by adopting an opportunistic market entry strategy.  Structured round the requirements of local markets, and the political climate within which it operates and functions, we constantly update and develop our market intelligence. By way of illustration, we accommodate the MENA-wide political doctrine of “Energy Efficiency” by scouting and implementing solutions like best in class “Smart Meter” / “Smart Energy” through our group company Cedrus Energy (www.Cedrus-Energy.net). This company is constantly involved in major biddings/tender activities related to this area in the respective local markets.
The Cedrus Group is currently focused on scouting and implementing forward-looking, innovative industry solutions related to various areas, including “Renewable Energies”, so called “Over-The-Top”- Telecommunication services, Health Care, Homeland Security and Infrastructure solutions. For a more comprehensive understanding of Cedrus Enterprises Holding SAL ventures and technology Scouting Radar please contact Cedrus Deutschland GmbH for more information.
Successful business development in an international context must go well beyond combining “high tech” expertise, current market knowledge and local stakeholders. The competence that drives local business opportunities is maintaining constant market vigilance and regularly updating the knowledge base. Cedrus Deutschland GmbH makes a constant effort to remain on top of development affecting the markets and industries it serves, ensuring the relevance and integrity of information, skill and competence in the areas of business development advisory services set out herein below. Resources for implementation will be drawn from respective Cedrus Group of companies and a longstanding, worldwide network of selected competence partners if and when needed.

Ongoing technology/Know-how Scouting & Assessment Radar

Technology transfer initially involves the design of “Technology Bridges” that is based on a mutual understanding between technology (know-how) and market partners. Implementation of complex solutions from developed markets to emerging markets involves a high degree of knowledge transfer. Project implementation generally follows one of two paths, “Build-Operate-Transfer” (BOT) or Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO). The end result is that projects are transferred to the local stakeholders through a revenue/profit sharing model backed up by an Operator-Investor.

This understanding of a strategy to internationalize complex projects is however partly outdated nowadays. During the initial project design phase, the technology (know-how) bridge must provide the insights necessary for determining market relevance, durability and sustainability and their impact on asset development. Such “Seed Innovation Strategies” must ensure that the potential developments of new solutions and products will be jointly shared with and marketed with other regions/customer groups in the future. The MENA region is especially qualified for adopting such approach being well-positioned to serve as a market entry partner for an emerging Africa.

Early stage incorporating of local Investment & Risk Mitigation Strategies

Local business opportunities are identified through our holding company and its group at site. The establishment of technology (know-how) bridges demands having the ability identify international competence (“Cedrus Stakeholder Scouting Radar”) and the competence to integrate local investment and risk mitigation strategies as early as the start of the project design phase. Thus a multi-stakeholder funding structure, including local and off-shore parties can be implemented successfully.

Through its parent company, Cedrus Deutschland GmbH is in a position to offer Tailor- made funding options. This is possible due to its financial strength and a willingness to participate in the risk mitigation process involving cross boarder project developments by taking a share of the local risk.

Securing sustainable 'Participation Services' during operational phase

Upon completion of the initial project development phase, the operational control of our projects is devolved into structured organizational units (Legal, HR, Funding, Controlling, marketing) in which we are also willing to carry a share of the operational risk. Early identification and engagement of key managerial resources is a major success factor for successful implementation

Aside from key “human resource” assets, the new organizational units will be equipped with all means necessary to achieve their objective. In addition to providing access to available network and sales competence, budget needs are allocated, preferable on the basis of a cost plus model agreed upon the stakeholders, in order to allow focusing on shareholder Value concepts at an early stage of the venture. Cedrus Deutschland GMBH offers sophisticated “Sustainable Participation Services” not only to the Cedrus Group companies and projects but also to interested third parties.
Impressum / Imprint:
Cedrus Deutschland GmbH
Email: info@cedrus.net
Register Court: Local Court Munich
Commercial Register No.: HRB 205887
VAT ID No.: DE 290036613
Managing Board:
Ghaith Madi (CEO)

Our partners include:

Networked Energy Services Corporation (www.networkedenergy.com) is a global smart energy leader in the worldwide transformation of the electricity grid into an energy control network, enabling utilities to connect to their customers, offer new services and help utilities them compete more effectively, through solutions which can help reduce operating costs, provide expanded services and help energy end users to become active participants in energy conservation. The company was formed as a result of the spinoff of Echelon Corporation’s Grid Modernization Division in October 2014. NES has its headquarters in the US, with design and R&D Centers located in Silicon Valley, CA, and Fargo, ND, and sales offices throughout the world. Networked Energy Services' solution, based on Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), is used in more than 4 million smart end points by utilities around the world. You can find out more information about NES and its products, including smart meters, data concentrator nodes, and head-end software, at www.networkedenergy.com


  • The NES System is an award-winning smart grid infrastructure solution, based on Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP)
  • There are more than 4 million NES smart end points installed by utilities around the world
  • The most reliable smart metering solution in the industry, delivering >99.8% daily availability of meter data
  • The NES System offers a unique power line technology that enables grid mapping, automatic topology management, and many more low voltage grid applications

“Hospitality is where we excel; customer satisfaction is where we are rewarded”

Cedrus Food & Beverage has a distinguished track record for providing exceptional management and high quality service that is rarely matched.  Exceptional talent, combined with strong leadership, market know-how and savvy managerial skills have raised Cedrus Food & Beverage to the standard of world-class provider of hospitality services.

Cedrus Food & Beverage is an independent F&B management company.  Our operational success is largely attributed to the ability to combine economies of scale with the agility necessary to ensure that resources dedicated for catering, entertainment and leisure divisions are utilized efficiently and profitably.  This strategy has served us well, resulting in consistently strong financial results for our clients and identifying us as the preferred hospitality operator of choice.  

Our extensive knowledge, skill and experience as an operator of a hotel’s food & beverage, entertainment and leisure divisions, make us stand as your ideal partner.  We are the right choice when you need a team of well-suited professionals having the right set of resources and credentials to effectively carryout and execute a positive re-transformation of your catering division.
Given our industry understanding, we are particularly well positioned to render professional assistance and advice to clients wishing to enter into the Food & Beverage industry.

Clients can rely on us to produce clear and measurable results both in terms of revenue performance, guest satisfaction, cost control and overall profitability.  It is the depth and wealth of our management experience that is frequently cited as the main factor contributing to improved profit margins for hotel owners.

Cedrus Food & Beverage currently owns and/or operates a number of establishments and is engaged in others that are under development. These include:

MxCare is a joint venture enterprise between Cedrus Enterprises Holdings and MxCare Services.  MxCare aims to harness the strengths, resources and capabilities to meet your specific cleaning needs and requirements.

MxCare redefines the boundaries of contracted facilities management, waste management & special cleaning services. MxCare meets the challenge of providing a clean, hygienic, secure and friendly environment to today’s highly complex and large commercial, industrial and public facilities.

MxCare is a client-driven organization that provides project management, operations & maintenance, airport services, special sector cleaning, minor renovations/electro-mechanical works and integrated solutions. 

MxCare's range of services includes project management, consultancy, feasibility, facilitation and advisory services related to facilities management, waste management and cleaning services. MxCare currently provides and manages all the indoor and outdoor special cleaning and facilities maintenance services needs of Erbil International Airport under a ten-year contract entered into in December, 2009. 

MxCare combines efficiency, environmentally friendly and responsible materials, stringent hiring and training program, innovative and effective management and depth of experience to ensure best execution and delivery.  

Client satisfaction is MxCare primary objective.  Being efficient, cost-effective and value-driven are critical components of our strategy.  We aim to develop a strong, long-term relationship with our clients evidenced by repeat business and a growing number of service contracts.  Training, integrity and keeping a watchful eye on detail are the foundation stone of our approach.   
MxCare is registered in Beirut, Lebanon with a branch office in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

We have delivered an advanced range of facility management services to our valued customers.

“ The standard in meeting your security needs ”
MK Defence is at the vanguard of leading specialists offering first-hand experience in counter-terrorism & specialized security training solutions and consulting.  We combine our logistical and managerial expertise with the training capabilities of global flag officers in order to maximize the scope, depth and impact of our solutions. Each master trainer brings his/her unique knowledge and “from-the-field” skills and experience to bear on any given counter-terrorism, internal security, CIP & threat analysis situation.
We view with earnest your security concerns and recognize that there is zero tolerance for errors of judgment and systems malfunction. Our mission is to train specialist and mitigate physical risk posed against private, public, governmental and military installations, agencies, institutions and establishments.  

We provide trainees with expert courses and workshops, covering the whole spectrum of mitigating threat to ensure that they have the necessary skills to counter the security challenges that may develop at a future date. The key to our success is measured by how rapidly first responders are introduced in a given situation.


Dr. José M. Fernandez, ing., Ph.D. – Expert in Computer Security and Cyber Criminal Intelligence
Serge Barbeau, Director General (Ret.), Sûreté du Québec, Montréal, Canada
Andre Marinier, Chief Security Operations (Ret.), Transport Canada
Roge Chartrand, Chief Inspector (Ret.), Sûreté du Québec
Jeffery Wight, Captain (Ret.), Canadian Forces
Pierre Brien, Director (Ret.), Criminal intelligence service of Quebec
Jean Mrad, Brig. Gen. (Ret.), Director State Security, Beirut, Lebanon
Elie Menassa, Brig. Gen. (Ret.), Director State Security, Beirut, Lebanon

Security is as complex an issue as it is unique. No situation is ever the same and no solution can be uniformly applied. We offer products and solutions that are generic that specialists must learn to apply with discretion to fit a given set of circumstances. These include:

  • Comprehensive IED threat assessment includes
  • Corporate expertise of SME
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Basic training & introduction to IED& suicide-bomber defeat
  • Pre-ICAO airport security audit

  • AVSEC personnel training
  • Canine (K9) units
  • Tactical Water Jet Disruptors
  • Secure Vehicle Registration Systems


Our portfolio provides insight into our credentials. The portfolio is divided into two broad categories: Training Workshops and Specialized Projects. Currently these include the following:


  • Countering IED’s Training Workshop – Brussels, Belgium – 2008-2009
  • Counter Intelligence Workshop – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 2009
  • Behavioral Analysis Workshop – Lebanon – 2010
  • VBIED Workshop & Demonstration – UAE – 2011-2012
  • Predictive Profiling Course – Lebanon – 2012-2013


  • Abu Dhabi Police, United Arab Emirates
  • Critical National Infrastructure Protection Agency, United Arab Emirates
  • Ministry of Interior, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
  • Erbil International Airport, Kurdistan, Iraq
  • NATO
  • Special Emergency Forces Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Internal Security Forces, Lebanon
  • Directorate of State Security, Lebanon
  • Directorate of Regional Security, Kurdistan, Iraq


Keeping pace with fast-paced advancements in technology.

DCT is your preferred solution provider for all your technology needs.

DCT is an SAP value-added reseller, offering clients professional software development & integration, consultancy and SAP solutions implementation.  DCT takes pride in reaffirming that “The best-run businesses run SAP and the best run implementations, upgrades, and support are run by DCT.”

DCT, in partnership with Sparta Consulting, provides clients high end SAP implementation and support services ranging from the core ERP suite of application to the latest technologies across the full spectrum of SAP applications and solutions.

Execution and delivery of SAP services is the cornerstone of DCT business.  Our mission is to ensure that sufficient investment is dedicated toward developing centers that offer our clients the ability to mix onshore expertise with offshore competencies that delivers unmatched value. 

DCT consultants and experts have amassed years of industry experience and have worked with major software development firms. DCT is capable of bringing an immense amount of industry and technical experience to bear on any given situation. The full-range of the many SAP services is by far too comprehensive to list in its totality. The following highlights some of the SAP services that DCT is capable of delivering:

  • Application Management
  • Global Delivery
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Value Assessments
  • Post Implementation Services
  • AMI Consulting
  • Center of Excellence Setup
  • ERP/ CIS Workshops
  • Implementation & Upgrades
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Managed Services
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Project Governance

Our strategic alliance with Sparta Consulting means that DCT has ready access to the 60,000 square foot, state-of-the-art SAP offshore development facility located in Noida, India.  Clients can count on DCT to deliver full-tested and mature processes and applications that are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

DCT competency center is fully staffed with experienced SAP consultants who have delivered countless successful SAP engagements in a CMMi Level 5 certified environment.

"Applying technological solutions in pursuit of your business and marketing objectives"

Teleblue is a leading innovation-led software company and a full-fledged advertising organization. Teleblue places a high premium on creativity and strategic thinking aimed at helping businesses in realizing their goals and objectives.  

Teleblue has its registered offices in Lebanon and Iraq. The company operates across a network of locations in the Middle East, thus offering clients unparalleled scope of services and cutting-edge solutions that are rarely seen within the region.  

Our solutions are driven by the desire to free our customers from the mindset that is frequently associated with traditional methods of advertising. 

We work closely with our client to assist them in remodeling and revitalizing their corporate identity, image and product line and marketing approach through the application of creative and innovative techniques and methodologies.

Our comprehensive range of solutions cover the following areas:

  • Website Design & Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Lead generation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Information Architecture
  • Form Integrations: Contact/Order/Schedule Service/Request
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Mobile Website Designs
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Analytics
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Branding Strategy
  • Video Integration
  • Blogs, FAQ's, Coupons, Resource Libraries
  • (SEM) & (SEO)
  • Content Writing
  • Photo Gallery Systems
  • Calendar and Event Scheduling Systems
  • Intranets and Private/Secure Logins
  • Flash Presentations
  • Product Marketing
  • 3D Design / Visualization

Teleblue is a Microsoft Certified Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner.

Teleblue has delivered value added concepts and design to a wide spectrum of clients.

“We design total solutions that best fit your distinct business and corporate profile”

Madar Al KONE was established in 2012 as a complete, one-stop-shop, service provider to the public and private sectors covering a wide and variable spectrum of business activities.
We offer solutions in:

  • High Technology (ISP & Telecommunications)
  • Security & Mobility
  • Software Design & Development 
  • Electromechanical Products & Services
  • Oil & Gas Services
Madar Al KONE, along with its partners, are fully committed towards providing clients with all the professional, technical, managerial and expert resources necessary for meeting their specific needs and requirements. Where additional resources are required, Madar Al KONE will engage the services of international experts utilizing its extensive network of global contacts.

Our solutions start with you

Madar Al KONE intends to become the leading provider of creative and innovative IT infrastructure, telecommunications and security solutions in the Middle East by remaining focused on our clients’ current and future needs and requirements.  

We measure the efficacy of all solutions by the degree of convergence it is able to establish between future trends in technological developments and a client organic growth.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure total project integrity

Madar Al KONE starts from the premise that no one is more familiar with the company/institution and its needs than the client.  We therefore work in partnership with the client from day one to determine current status and to clearly identify those areas and issues that need to be addressed.  Once the needs and requirements are fully understood, optimal solutions are mapped, the scope of work is defined and professional expertise is engaged.

Throughout this process, Madar Al KONE makes sure that client expectations are always taken into account.

A detailed proposal and work plan is submitted that would allow the client to regularly monitor developments.  Special care and attention is paid to meeting all standards relating to product design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Two-way communications is constantly maintained to ensure the integrity of a given assignment.

The Madar Al KONE family of companies cover a wide and diverse range of sectors/industries :

International Consolidated Contractor (ICC) is emerging as a highly respected leader in the contracting industry throughout the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. Although ICC has firmly established its reputation throughout the region decades ago, its presence in Iraq is relatively new.  Its shareholders have equity interests in other companies engaged in similar activities in various countries in the Middle East and Africa.
ICC has firmly established its credentials in the execution of infrastructure, commercial and residential projects due to the support, expertise, knowledge, experience and extensive resources it receives from companies whose shareholders currently have an interest. 
ICC intend to develop and establish a reputation for delivering groundbreaking solutions and high-level master planning, on a timely basis that support client goals and objectives.   We intend to be client-driven and shall strive to meet business and industrial expectations in an efficient and professional manner in accordance with the highest international standards. ICC takes pride in its ability to deliver on projects to the satisfactions of demanding clients.
Our strength lies in the strategic partnerships forged by our shareholders with renowned global corporations.  This will enable us to provide our clients with best business practices and deliver world-class contracting expertise. Our shareholders’ established channels enable us to forge strong working relationships with government entities and multinational firms. It will greatly enhance our ability to delivering world-class projects and promote joint cooperation between the private and public sectors.
ICC's approach is focused on achieving the highest level of competence and the pursuit of innovative strategies. This is intended to build relationships based on forging global and reliable partnerships as we are committed to helping businesses achieve their long-term ambitions. We are dedicated to implementing the secure values through the proper sophisticated channels and efforts to realizing our vision. We strive to safely deliver our projects to the highest global standards ... ICC's business is based on competence, innovative strategies and building relationships through global and reliable partners.


ICC is engaged in the implementation of infrastructural developments commercials, construction and residential projects. These include building, rehabilitation, paving and painting works, as well as supplying road signals, crossing lines, and construction and rehabilitation of bridges.


ICC's diverse portfolio, encompassing projects in construction, infrastructure and telecommunications, among other industries in the private and public sectors, is impressive and serves to support ICC in its entry into target markets. We currently pursuing leads and potential developments in numerous locations across major cities as well as some of the remotest locations in the Middle East.


Great success has been recognized in completing road developments in Lebanon where the company has worked closely with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities; as well as global institutions such as the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development, which have funded many of the projects undertaken by the enterprise. ICC has also collaborated with the Council for Development and Construction to execute various infrastructure projects in the country as well as the government-owned power generating company, Electricité du Liban.

  • Societe Generale Bank, Main Branch, Beirut
  • Boyout Project
  • LIC School
  • LCS School
  • Serhal Building
  • Cedrus Holding Headquarters, Downtown, Beirut
  • Kamal Jumblatt Social and Cultural Hall
  • Ali Dagher
  • Jamal Ibrahim Villa
  • Nicolas Yazbeck Villa
  • Nicolas Yazbeck Apartment, Beirut
  • Minister Wael Abou Faour Apartment, Beirut
  • Sami Maarabouni Villa, Zahle
  • Sami Maarabouni Two Residential Buildings, Zahle


The company made its entry into the south of Iraq in 2004. It has carried out numerous road projects in many of the country’s regions. These include Al Basra, Al Jamhouriya, Al Andalous, Al Bakr, Al Ahrar, Al Mechraq Al Kadim, Al Michraq Al Jadid, Al Koubla and Al Jounayna. One of its celebrated achievements is the development of a number of public and private buildings, schools and clinics, as well as complete works on electricity and water stations. These were achieved in collaboration with the provincial and municipal governments, the Ministry of Construction, South Oil Company and non-governmental organizations.

  • Salaheddine University Dormitories, Erbil
  • Al Afandi Restaurant, Erbil

  • Rashid Agha Villa at Dream City, Erbil

  • Al Afandi Restaurant 
  • BMB Villa and Offices
  • TarinNet Office and HQ
  • MOL Kalegran renovation and reconstruction
  • Hungarian Consulate reconstruction
  • Onyx Restaurant



  • 23 Backbone Sites: 70m height NSN - AIRTEL
  • 50 BTS sites: 60m height NSN - AIRTEL
  • 9 XCDR Shelters - AIRTEL
  • 5 Shelters and DC power for Fiber optics termination - AIRTEL
  • 2 Consolidated Switch and Data Centers - AIRTEL
  • 16 Backbone sites: 60m to 100m heights NSN - AIRTEL
  • 291 BTS sites: 40m to 60m heights - AIRTEL
  • 4,600 KM of Fiber optics and related Backbone sites including DWDM and MW equipment NSN - AIRTEL
  • 43 BTS and BB Sites: 45m to 70m heights NSN - ETISALAT
  • 15 BTS sites: 35m to 60m heights HUAWEI - MTN
  • 35 BTS and BB sites: 35m to 90m heights HUAWEI - ETISALAT
  • 30 BTS and BB sites: 35m - 80m heights NIGERCELL - ETISALAT
  • 51 Rural Telephony Sites: 35 - 45m heights HUAWEI - MTN
  • Supply and installation of 735 Generator Sets with ATS - AIRTEL
  • Installation and commissioning of 500 SAM units AIRTEL
  • Supply of 170 palisade fences NSN - ETISALAT
  • Supply and installation of 500 Generator Sets with ATS ETISALAT
  • Supply and warehousing of 70 Towers ETISALAT
  • Supply of 21 Branded generators for shops ETISALAT
  • Upgrade of 70 sites to 3G HUAWEI - ETISALAT
  • Upgrade 46 sites to Hybrid power HUAWEI - ETISALAT
  • Upgrade 50 sites to Hybrid power EMERSON - ETISALAT


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