We design and build the bridge from your vision to your future
We design and build the bridge from your vision to your future

Smart Grid Solutions

    Cedrus Enterprises Holding S.A.L. is a holding company with an international focus and global perspective that seeks to transcend international boundaries.  Our approach is thoroughly grounded on a concept that is firmly rooted on an in-depth understanding of major industries and a careful reading of market dynamics, trends and developments.  The business model is designed to identify investment opportunities that offer prospect of steady growth, expansion and potential synergies.  Cedrus Enterprises Holding S.A.L. has built a solid reputation by operating on the principle “Think-Do-Invest”, guided by the application of well-defined and stringent guidelines that includes, among others, risk diversification measures and exit strategies.      
    Cedrus Enterprises Holding fully understands the value and premium clients place on solutions that are creative, practical and reliable.  We take pride in being one among very few international organizations that actually measures up to standard and is able to effectively address client needs and requirements on virtually all fronts.  Our reputation as a reliable partner stems from a sound and realistic understanding of the client, his unique and specific needs, and the environment within which he operates.  As a result, we are well-positioned and able to provide those products and services that clients do want and need.  
    We recognize and appreciate that the demand for innovative and creative solutions is not only expected but also required in today’s global economy. A novel, yet realistic, approach must therefore be adopted to capitalize on available opportunities. Cedrus, in collaboration with its worldwide partners, is committed to providing needed solutions, assistance and support. 
    Cedrus provides an integrated portfolio of business, technical, and professional consultancy. Through regular, direct and constant interaction with clients, we seek to explore concepts, ideas and practices that allow businesses to participate more fully in the mainstream economy. In particular, we strive to ensure that our clients are kept abreast with and remain ahead of the “marathonic” advancement in technology.

    Our corporate culture is driven by the desire to maintain the highest standards of professional integrity. Cedrus delivers:

    We believe that our clients deserve, and have the right to receive, the best and most reliable products and services.  Cedrus Enterprises Holding takes it one step further and provides clients with assurances that include:
    -          Turning insufficiency into availability
    -          Expanding businesses towards solid and profitable horizons
    -          Providing lean organizations
    Cedrus identifies its own success with that of its clients.  We identify and capitalize on various competencies and are always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with investors, solution providers and policy advocates of renown. Our partners must have a well-established track record in their area of specialization and are able to effectively deliver on projects of varying sizes.
    “We design and build the bridge from your vision to your future”